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Cultura En Tus Manos

Empowering Artisans

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Our Mission

Founded and operated by students at the University of Missouri Kansas City, Cultura En Tus Manos aims to empower Mexican artisans by providing a platform on which they can sell beautiful hand-crafted goods to businesses in America.

By connecting artisans and businesses, Cultura En Tus Manos is linking the world in a universal language: art. 

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Talented. Creative. Artistic

Take a look at some of the talented works of our artisans. Want to sell your work on our website? Sign up as an artisan 


We have partnered with businesses to help in our mission. They help us work towards our goals. Interested in our mission? Sign up as a business and check out the Marketplace!

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5108 Cherry St, BEH 329B, Kansas City, Missouri 64110

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